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We manufacture, test and repair Aqua load bags at our factory

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about Aqua Load Testing

Aqua load testing has its roots in the crane safety industry within SA.  Pierre Bouwer established the training company in 1989. In 1995 Crane Safety started to manufacture load test water bags. Aqua load cc was finally established and registered as an aqua load testing firm in 1998 Aqua load testing is unique in that we are the only load testing company in South Africa that manufactures, test and repairs our bags at our factory, thus offering our clients the best service in terms of safety and reliability. Our personnel have all been trained in the use of load test water bags. LOAD CELL AND HIRE We offer heavy rigging equipment on hire. Over the years, we have built productive partnerships with all our clients, we hope to do the same with your company.   

Load Test at Coharra Bassa

2x 500 ton overhead cranes

Off Shore Test

Near Kabinda

220 Ton Test

At Secunda

Bags being inspected 

by Bureau Veritas

Testing Cranes 

in the moon pool, off West Africa

Testing Cranes

Near Singapore